Sam’s Cafe

11 June 2024

Sam’s Cafe is a wellbeing hub and cafe for vulnerable people in the Lowestoft community; supported by offender charities to help ex-offenders integrate within the community and help with their transition. It is a space for people to meet and chat with other members of this friendly community.

VIY will be painting and decorating the cafe internally and externally. We will also be replacing worktops, kitchen units, and tiling in the cafe area and reducing the size of the worktops to allow more capacity for tables and customers.


Our work will make the space more welcoming and inviting to the customers. The kitchen improvements will make the space more efficient and modern, and the adjustment to the layout will allow for a greater capacity of customer numbers.

Project Contact: Jojo Yohannes, email


The Active Wellbeing Society

12 June 2024

The Active Wellbeing Society (TAWS) is a community benefit society and cooperative working to develop healthy, happy communities living active and connected lives.

The Society was developed from the successful Wellbeing Service set up by Birmingham City Council in June 2015. They deliver so much in the community, including food justice, the Big Feed Project, cycling, walking, well-being, grow and connect (wildlife), physical activity sessions across different sports, and the clean air justice network.

VIY plans to create ramps to make the Mother Hub more accessible/inclusive. We will build a trellis to divide the space further, providing an area for films, workshops, and activities and keeping an area wild to increase biodiversity

Railings and woodchips will be added to cover and border the concrete path so it’s not slippy and has a more natural/appealing aesthetic.

We also plan to add a cover for the bike rack, a large communal moveable table, signage, an accessible grow space, an insect hotel, storage, and decoration.


This project aims to increase participation and engagement on the site and provide a space for volunteer projects.

Project Contact: Jordan Clarke, email

Forest Field Play Centre

10 June 2024

Project Contact: Katie Booth, email


Feather Futures

10 June 2024

Feather Futures is a safe space for women, providing support, advice, and training where required to vulnerable people who request their help.

VIY will construct several floor-to-ceiling strong cupboards, complete with doors and various shelving in two rooms and decoration.


The venue will have the ability to help more people and operate more efficiently with an improved environment for staff and clients.

Project Contact: Jennie Arthur, email

York Travellers Trust

12 April 2024

York Travellers Trust welcomes people from the traveling community, including a local drop-in centre. The venue provides a place where people can get a coffee and speak to employees to support their needs, a regular food bank, and educational support for young people.

VIY will improve disabled access, redecorate, and create radiator covers, bench seating, and a play area.


The VIY refurbishment will help develop the educational offer by creating an improved ‘learning room’ with additional educational equipment for the venue.

Storage and decoration will create a small creche area and quiet room and we will improve accessibility in these spaces.

Project Contact: Gemma Torr, email


Door 84

10 June 2024

Door 84 provides an innovative, welcoming, and stimulating environment that offers children, young people, and the community a wide range of social and developmental opportunities that are supportive, challenging, and fun.

Project Contact: Matt Mellor, email

Fairlie Park

10 June 2024

This project is taking place at a public park that has become a little tired but VIY’s help can become a real hub for the community, with lots of old and newly built houses surrounding the site.

VIY will paint the underpasses on either side of the park before a graffiti artist comes in to finish the work. – The council will then add new lighting to make residents feel safe, and VIY will build benches/tables to give visitors a place to sit and watch their children play. We will paint the skate park equipment to make it more inviting for users before building bird boxes with students to attract wildlife.


To give the residents a safe, attractive, and fun place to visit with their children, family, and friends.

Project Contact: Danny Hawkins, email

Bensham Grove Community Centre

12 April 2024

Project Contact: Matt Mellor, email

Action on Disability

29 December 2022

Bassetlaw Citizens Advice

29 December 2022

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