Project Pipeline

Here you’ll find a rundown of our live and upcoming VIY projects, which we keep as up to date as possible (all subject to shift at any time – oh construction life!)

Get involved 

YOUNG PEOPLE AND YOUTH ORGANISATIONS: If you’re interested in joining as a young person or as an opportunity for young people you work with (aged 14-24), please contact

Muath Trust
Status: Current
Timings: 27th November-15th December
Location: Birmingham
Project works: Repainting an active but shabby sports hall for young people to keep active
Project partners: Dulux, Sport Birmingham, Sport England
Bilal Junior Sports Hub
Status: Current
Timings: 4th-15th December
Location: Leeds
Project works: modernising this popular sports hub to help local people become more active
Project partners: Places for People, Sport England, Toolstation, Travis Perkins
Community Record Studio
Status: Current
Timings: 4th-15th December
Location: Nottingham
Project works: Redecorating this popular youth club
Project partners: Nottingham City Council - UK Shared Prosperity Fund
Rochford Women’s Institute
Status: Current
Timings: 4th-15th December
Location: Rochford, Essex
Project partners: Rochford District Council - UK Shared Prosperity Fund
St Paul’s Community Trust
Status: Future
Timings: 11th December-12th January
Location: Birmingham
Project works: Creating new wooden structures for this community space
Project partners: Sport Birmingham, Sport England
Rochdalians Cricket Club
Status: Future
Timings: 29th January-16th February
Location: Manchester
Project works: Modernising their changing rooms, supporting this club's super revamp from a disused club
Project partners: Dulux, ECB, GMCA, Lancashire Cricket Foundation, Sport England
Lewisham Wellbeing Hub
Status: Future
Timings: 2024
Location: Lewisham
Project works: Creating a wellbeing hub in a disused shopping centre unit through partitioning and redecorating
Project partners: Dulux, Lewisham Council