Volunteer with VIY

We’re passionate about the impact of volunteering to create real social change. It’s part of our mission to inspire more people to volunteer for the first time and/or more often in their communities.

Why volunteer with VIY?

As well as boosting young people’s skills, all through free volunteering opportunities, we’re also passionate about the power of volunteering at any age. Volunteering on a local project, from just one day, to multiple days/weeks, in your community can help to:

  • Build better places and spaces to help local people and communities thrive
  • Share skills and experience with young people looking for positive next steps in their lives
  • Boost your health and wellbeing (volunteering is proven to bring a whole load of benefits)
  • Build on your own skills (and maybe learn new ones!)
  • Meet and have a great time with new people and in new places

VIY Impact Report 2021-22

“VIY was the first volunteering experience for 98% of VIY learners in 2022.”

Volunteer with us

There are a number of ways you can volunteer with VIY to support the experience of our young people and the renovation of a community place in your area. Just follow these three steps:

  1. Take a look at the different roles available below to see which best fits your skillset
  2. Read the relevant FAQs to your preferred role: Volunteer FAQs here | Trade Volunteer Mentor FAQs here
  3. Then get in touch by completing the correct volunteer registration form below!

Our Volunteer Roles

Volunteer Trade Mentors

Experienced tradespeople give their time to share their skills and experience with the young people we work with, to help build the next generation of tradespeople. Just like Bill who volunteered for months (and still does!) with VIY before becoming a Full-time Mentor, from the age of 70.

Register here to become a Trade Volunteer with us

Employability Mentors

Give your time to inspire and motivate young people, sharing life skills and experience off the tools such as communications, CV writing and interview skills. Just like Marianna here, Early Careers Lead at Travis Perkins Plc, who has volunteered and delivered careers & work-readiness training at numerous VIY projects.

Partner Volunteers

Team members from our partner organisations can volunteer their time on a project to get hands on and give back to the community their organisation is supporting. Just like this team from Nottingham City Council’s Place Team who spent a day on the tools at one of their VIY projects funded through the UK Community Renewal Fund.

Community Volunteers

We also encourage adults from the community we’re supporting to volunteer their time with us – you may be a parent of a VIY learner, a member/volunteer of the community space we’re renovating or simply looking for volunteering opportunities in your area. Just like local residents here at Temple Grafton Village Hall, who helped to save their sinking village hall into a thriving space for lots of community activities once again.

Marianna Peet, Early Careers Lead, Travis Perkins Plc

“We truly feel like we’re playing our part to deliver our corporate purpose to build better communities and enrich lives, getting hands on whilst talking to young people to inspire thoughts around their futures.”

CASE STUDY Felt great to be back working as a team Andy Griffiths

Andy, a Design Manager with Toolstation, volunteered at Wembdon Village Hall, one of our projects supported by Toolstation in their hometown of Bridgwater, Somerset..

“It was great to get hands on, learning techniques and having the opportunity to interact with our product range, and it felt great to be back out from the home office, working as a team!”

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