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Making places and spaces for sport and physical activity more inclusive and sustainable for the future since 2011

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We’re all about collaboration

Our mission – to boost young people’s skills and work-readiness whilst renovating vital community spaces and places – is all harnessed through the power of partnerships.

Helping grassroots sports clubs and community spaces to survive and thrive through improved facilities and environments for more movement to take place, places young people use and benefit from, has always been a big part of this mission since we began in 2011.

To do this, we take a place-based approach to improving local sports facilities and active community spaces, bringing together like-minded partners to jointly bring impactful projects to life and make a difference to people and communities in their local areas – you can see how this works below. By working together, this helps us broaden what’s possible and ultimately achieve wider and more sustainable social and community impact.

Take a look below at some examples of how we’ve worked together with a broad range of partners across the country to boost sport and physical activity, along with a range of local partners in places where our support is needed most.

Sports and community facilities in need of improvements
Tradespeople mentoring and passing on their skills
Tradespeople & young people sharing skills and experience
Community facilities refurbished and transformed
More sustainable, inclusive clubs and active spaces for local communities

Click each logo below to see examples of how we work together in place and purpose based partnerships

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What’s our impact on spaces for sports and physical activity?

Since the work has been going on, we’ve received such amazing feedback – many new people have been phoning to find out how they can join the club and previous members returning from before the pandemic.”

Chrissie Roe, Founder, TPF Parkour & Gymnastics Club, Norwich

“I can see a change in their attitudes towards authority… they’re more willing to talk to us, be friendly and nice to people – it’s nice to have the experience that the police can work with these young people on the ground and build a better reputation with them.”

Adam Bettison, PCSO, Coventry Police – who co-funded two projects following their first experience on a VIY project

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