Honey, Norwich

Hear it from a young person

20 February 2023 | All News

Honey was previously home-schooled then found herself NEET at 16. She joined the NEET re-engagement provision at City College Norwich to build her confidence and explore progression options for the future. Honey struggled in the classroom environment finding staying focused challenging. Honey pushed herself outside of her comfort zone to give the VIY project at Drayton Road, Norwich, a try – turns out she loved it! Honey really enjoyed being practical and getting stuck in. As a result, Honey is now training in Level 1 Painting & Decorating at City College Norwich!

Honey told us: “I found this experience eye opening. I have never tried practical work before but have loved it! VIY has given me a career direction and I can’t wait to start my next course in Painting & Decorating at college. The mentors have been great, and I have really enjoyed working with new people.”