The VIY Experience – FAQs

Questions from our Youth Organisations

Who is eligible to take part in VIY?

We work with young people aged 14-24 who may be NEET (not in education, employment or training), or deemed at risk of becoming so. Those supported through youth organisations, alternative education providers, youth justice services, local JobCentres and/or those facing barriers in education or training due to personal, economic, social, special educational needs or a disability.

Some of our programmes may have different age ranges, including starting from 16 or up to the age of 30.

Can I see a site risk assessment?

We can provide a site RAMS on request.

Will the young people be mixing with other groups?

On some occasions yes, depending on the size of the group. Sometimes we offer places to individuals, meaning we must have young people from different partners in the same week. A great opportunity to make friends and meet new people!

Where can I find your safeguarding and child protection policies?

All of our policies including Safeguarding, Health & Safety and Child Protection policies here on the Governance page of our website here.

Will the adults on site be DBS checked?

All of our Lead Mentors are DBS checked. We do sometimes have visitors from partner organisations, e.g. Travis Perkins, and Volunteer Mentors on site without a DBS. However there will strictly always be a Lead Mentor present supervising.

Do we need to cover transport and lunch costs?

Wherever possible, yes. If you cannot, please speak to your Youth Engagement Coordinator.

How many people on site will be first aid trained?

There is always at least one First Aider on site.

Do I need to accompany the young people to the site?

It’s definitely our preference for you to accompany your young people. Should any young people have a key/support worker that would support them on a 1:1 basis, we expect them to also be on site with the young person during the day.

How long on site is needed to gain the City & Guilds accreditation?

A young person must take part in at least 3 days on site with VIY to be assessed and complete their Entry Level 3 City & Guilds accreditation in the relevant skills involved in the project.

Questions from our young volunteers

Who do I call if I get lost?

Please don’t panic if you get lost, simply contact the Youth Engagement Coordinator who you have spoken with on their mobile number.

What time do I need to be on site

We look forward to meeting you on site at 10am.

Do I have to stay on the project if I’m not enjoying it?

No, but of course we try our best to make sure everyone is enjoying it. Please speak to one of our Mentors if there is something you are not enjoying. However many of our young people actually return to more projects as they really do have a great time and learn so much!

What skills will I learn?

Depending on your project, we offer trade skills mentoring in carpentry/joinery, painting & decorating, health & safety, tiling, plastering, brickwork and basic plumbing. You’ll likely learn 1-2 of these skills during one VIY project, but you’ll also build loads of personal skills like confidence, teamwork & communication.

You must take part in at least 3 days on site with VIY to be assessed and complete your Entry Level 3 City & Guilds accreditation in the relevant skills involved in the project.

Will I get to use power tools?

On some occasions, you will have the opportunity to use power tools. You will take part in a full health and safety briefing beforehand and will be expected to use tools responsibly and under the supervision of our Mentors at all times.

Will participating affect my benefits?

No it will not – we’re simply building your skills, experience and confidence!

Do I need to bring money?

No but you may wish to have money on you to buy lunch at a local shop and/or for public transport depending on how you get to and from site.

Do you provide support with transport?

If you require support with transport, please speak to the Youth Engagement Coordinator about this when they contact you.

Do I get lunch provided?

Please bring your own lunch. We can provide support where necessary, and sometimes we’ll have pizza lunches to celebrate the end of a project!

Can I smoke/vape during a project?

Yes, but we strictly do not allow learners to smoke/vape on site. You MUST speak to your Lead Mentor about taking smoke/vape breaks and go to an appropriate location away from the site to do so.

Do you provide a CSCS card?

Although you don’t gain a CSCS card directly with VIY, we can definitely support you to gain one after your VIY project. Please speak to your Youth Engagement Coordinator if this is something you’re interested in.

When will I get my City & Guilds certificate?

Your certificate will either be sent to your organisation or your address and should arrive within six weeks of you completing a project.

Can I do another VIY project when I finish?

Yes, we’d love you to volunteer on another VIY project to learn more skills and build even more confidence, if there’s another near you. Please contact your Youth Engagement Coordinator to discuss the opportunities near you – you can take a look at them here too.