Tender for Club Development Support

26 January 2023 | All News

In 2020, we partnered with Sport England for 4 years to bring our model to the sport sector, including transforming 193 venues that enable sport and physical activity, whether it be clubs or community venues. 

The match-funding grant is intended to help venues increase financial resilience, diversify and include new and existing users and help grow confidence for the future.

Tender: Club Development Support

The ask 

VIY wishes to maximise the impact of their work, specifically within the Sport England grant, and appoint a Club Development Support organisation to intensively support approximately 20-30 sport and physical activity clubs post-VIY projects across 2023-24.

This support will be allocated to clubs deemed most in need of support across finance and business sustainability, governance or inclusion, and crucially link to driving impact from VIY’s work. This need will be identified by the supplier through a club’s existing diagnostic, or a diagnostic developed for this process.

The themes of support have been identified with Sport England, partners and clubs VIY have worked with.

VIY are not experts in Club Development Support, but have identified a need for additional support for clubs once we complete our work to enable them to kick-on with their plans and maximise the benefits and impact of the works undertaken by VIY.

Full information and details can be found in the form below:

Download the detail to write your application


Useful information

Examples of existing Club Development Support that could add value to this programme (not an exhaustive list):

Home Page – Digital Marketing Hub (cimspa.co.uk)

Sport England Club Matters

Questions are welcomed via ciara@teamviy.com before 10th February 2023.

The tender documents should be sent to ciara@teamviy.com by 17th February 2023.