Building skills, reducing crime

Here’s how we’re doing #SomethingConstructive to boost skills and employability for young people involved in or at risk of crime, in collaboration with others tackling crime and anti-social behaviour to build stronger, safer communities. See how we could work together to create even more positive impact for young people at risk and the communities in which they live.

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Adam Bettison, PSCO, Schools Team
Coventry Police

Creating safer communities with local police forces

So far in 2024, we’re working with four regional police forces through their Police Crime & Commissioner Funds and proceeds from crime, to fund valuable VIY projects for the local community, whilst offering valuable employability experiences to young people involved in or at risk of crime, supported by local police forces. [include links to]…

  • Bradford, West Yorkshire
  • Scarborough, North Yorkshire
  • Bedworth, Warwickshire Police
See our success so far with Coventry Police

I’d sooner have a trade than be selling drugs

Young VIY Volunteer, during a VIY project in Coventry, 2023

Boosting skills and employability in prisons and Youth Offending Teams

Use historic VIY examples inc. links to:

  • Hampton and Borough FC, Feltham
  • Bringing gang members together at Canada Villa
  • Any more?
See how we worked with young inmates from Feltham Youth Offending Institute

“Initially Alfie was concerned about being assessed but he was very quickly put at ease by the assessor who engaged brilliantly with Alfie. He feels this accreditation will benefit him in the future.”

On behalf of Alfie, Surrey Youth Offending Team

Inspiring positive futures in Pupil Referral Units

We’ve helped to tackle poor behaviour and boost skills away from mainstream learning environments which we know are not suitable for all students, through hands-on employability workshops and VIY projects, working with Pupil Referral Units across the country – boosting vocational skills, inspiring positive futures and helping to reduce anti-social behaviour and habits outside of the classroom, including:

Volunteer with VIY

“I initially thought today was going to be stupid and a waste of my time. Now I’ve made the bench I’m thinking it was 100% worth my time. I have actually learnt something new. Today has given me purpose and I’ve socialised too.”

Young learner, on a VIY project at a Pupil Referral Unit, Cardiff, 2022

Adam, PSCO, Coventry Police

Helping to improve community cohesion

Whilst not all of the young people we work with may be involved in serious crime, they may be vulnerable within the places they live, or involved in/on the brink of anti-social behaviour which is disrupting their communities. Working in collaboration with local police officers, such as Dawn from Humber Police, we can both support the valuable work they are already doing to prevent crime, as well as engage those at risk in valuable and meaningful experiences to do good, whilst reducing such behaviour and preventing further crime in a community.

See how we've changed lives on this estate in Hull

Creating spaces for positive behaviours and pathways

Much of our work boosting grassroots sports clubs and facilities is to help create and/or improve spaces that young people may use or benefit from, including those seeking more positive experiences away from mainstream education, or the streets. Boxing clubs in particular play a great part in training young people to create more positive behaviours, using sport to tackle experiences and emotions which may otherwise lead them down less positive pathways.

See how this boxing club in Manchester is now preventing anti-social behaviour since VIY

Dawn, PCSO, Humber Police

Think there’s something we could do together to support young people involved in or at risk of crime, and to help bring communities together? Hit the button below to get in touch with our team.