Lewis Ramoo

13 May 2024

Jamie Turner

13 May 2024

Kevin Bywater

22 March 2024

Paul Davies-Bloomfield

17 October 2023

“The ethos of VIY helping young people learn really appeals to me and I really enjoy helping the young people achieve their goals.

I love seeing the look of achievement on their faces when they have worked towards an end result.”

Dom Hudson

17 October 2023

Scott Barwood

27 July 2023

Dale Bray

27 July 2023

David Goode

28 February 2023

I work for VIY to give someone a chance at the possibility of a future through learning a trade and I love the opportunities to help those who need a bit of encouragement.

My personal highlight so far with VIY is seeing the success on a young person’s face when they’ve achieved a task!

Simon Kitson

3 August 2022

When you start a project and young people come to site not knowing much about trade skills, but achieve so much and get their accreditation at the end. That’s why we do this job. We’re helping them make a positive change in their lives. All young people deserve a chance, a helping hand.

We’re also helping communities. It makes me feel proud when we get great feedback from the place we’re renovating and when we get the young people asking to join us on another site.

Lewis Timmermans

11 January 2022

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