Kate Fell

Hear it from a teacher

20 February 2023 | All News

Kate supports students at Newark Orchard School, a school in Nottinghamshire for young people aged 3-18 with special educational and physical needs. XX students have volunteered on three VIY projects through the UK Community Renewal Fund, in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council, including creating their own outdoor spaces they’ll use and learn from for years to come.

“The confidence and skill progression in all students from the start to the end of the project has been phenomenal. Our students are often faced with a glass ceiling due to their additional needs, however these projects have instilled ambition and aspirations in each and every one of them, allowing barriers to be broken down.

From a school perspective, the involvement in the projects have allowed us to achieve multiple work-related learning targets, including employer mentoring and work experience, which can sometimes be a real challenge to organise for our young people. We cannot recommend VIY highly enough and hope that our relationship can continue for many years to come!”